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Oils CBD Store – Where To Find The Best One?

CBD hemp oil is now legal in Ohio. Hence, you can expect to see more CBD stores opening up in the state soon. Existing stores are also preparing to make space for ‘trending’ CBD products for health and wellness enthusiasts. 

On July 22, Governor Mike De Wine signed Senate Bill 57 (also known as Ohio’s Hemp Bill) as a law. The new law declares all hemp products legal across Ohio. Until then, Ohio’s state law clubbed cannabis-derived products under ‘marijuana’. The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy allowed only medical marijuana dispensaries to sell CBD.

Now, the new law allows hemp CBD oil to be sold across all shops and stores in Ohio. You can easily buy CBD oils, CBD gummies, or other popular CBD products in health food stores or gas stations.

The difference between ‘hemp’ and ‘marijuana’ is that:

  • Cannabis plants with up to 0.3% THC legally fall under the ‘industrial hemp’ tag.
  • Cannabis plants with more than 0.3% THC are considered ‘marijuana’. 

That’s the legal definition. The truth is that marijuana may contain as much as 30% THC! THC is a villain because it is intoxicating. THC’s full name is delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol. When you smoke weed, it is the THC which released dopamine and gives you a high. It can also:

  • alter your perception of time,
  • heighten your senses and make colors seem brighter,
  • make you hallucinate, and
  • lead to anxiety or panic attack.

Hemp-derived products have ‘no’ or negligible amounts of THC and hence, do not present any risk of intoxication.

Hemp-based CBD or Cannabidiol is a safe product. Though it is found in cannabis, it is not psychoactive. Some studies indicate that it can counter the THC effects to some extent. It also has several therapeutic benefits that make it the favorite of the health and wellness market across the United States.

Life Elements is a body care company in California which sells CBD products. Its co-owner Martha Van Inwegen told the media many entrepreneurs from Ohio and other U.S. states want to jump on the CBD bandwagon. They are looking for suppliers who can provide them with high-quality CBD products.

Studies suggest several potential benefits of CBD but most of them are preliminary. Clinical studies have still not confirmed how effective CBD is in treating serious health conditions. Hence, experts suggest that CBD users should stick with using CBD-rich hemp extracts for treating:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves only one medicine based on CBD. It is known as ‘Epidiolex’ and is used for treating two rare types of difficult-to-treat childhood epilepsy conditions.

 Joe Brennan owns a CBD boutique tucked into a Clintonville storefront. He took a risk by keeping his business running when the pharmacy board allowed only dispensaries to sell the extract. He breathes easy now that Ohio’s Hemp Bill is passed. Upscale grocery stores like Lucky’s, Fresh Thyme, and Kroger are also planning to introduce CBD supplements in their Ohio stores.

Tim Johnson is the co-founder of a cannabis advocacy group called the Ohio Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. He suspects that all the stores and vape shops which pulled CBD products off their shelves earlier will start selling it again. The CBD buyers may even see more variety on the shelves now.

Coffee shops in Ohio are planning to introduce CBD-infused coffee brew on their menu. Coffee-flavored CBD edibles are already in demand at the Columbus Botanical Depot. Backroom Coffee Roasters, based in Galena, already runs a wholesale CBD business. Now, it might take a plunge in the B2B CBD retail business as Ohio has now legalized hemp and hemp-derived CBD oils. 

CBD is popularly used:

  • in cosmetics,
  • as a food and beverage ingredient or additive, and
  • as a dietary supplement.

FDA regulates cosmetics, dietary supplement, and food and beverage markets. Hence, companies have to follow the labeling requirements for their respective industry – as specified by the FDA. Ohio state laws also place restrictions on CBD manufacturers and distributors on making false or unverified effects of CBD. 

The companies need to go through an elaborate FDA’s approval process before they can make any claims about medical benefits their CBD products offer. In recent years, the FDA has issued warning letters to several companies for:

  • not complying with the labeling procedures, and
  • making unsubstantiated claims about what a product can or cannot do.

New CBD Stores Are Cropping Up Everywhere

New CBD Stores Are Cropping Up Everywhere states that in 2018, CBD sales rose up the mark of $500 million! Ever since the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill made CBD hemp oil legal, CBD sellers and buyers have been excited about new opportunities.

Central Illinois saw the fourth Your CBD Store opening up on August 15, 2019. The company opened up another CBD shop in Washington. Another CBD shop called ‘Soothing Senses’ opened up in Delafield. Two CBD shops will soon start selling products on Broadway Avenue in Boise. CBD American Shaman is opening up soon in Racine. You can also find stores in Kansas, Denver, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado.

With new CBD shops and stores taking off everywhere, one needs to make sure that they only use products that have been tested properly. It means that whether you choose to buy a CBD product online or offline, you should:

  • talk to the CBD expert available at the store,
  • check the ingredients list carefully,
  • discuss it with your doctor, and
  • check out the third-party certificate of analysis carefully.

One also needs to be cautious about buying CBD products that are too cheap. ‘Cheap’ does not necessarily translate to ‘good’ in the case of CBD products. The compound ‘cannabidiol’ is expensive. CBD products that seem too cheap might not contain ‘CBD’ at all. Or they may have too little of CBD to be effective in your condition. 

The label of the product often mentions:

  • the total amount of CBD in a package, or 
  • the amount of CBD per serving. 

You also need to know how potent is the CBD oil you are purchasing. It will also help you determine and adjust the appropriate CBD dosage for you.

Can You Buy CBD Oil Online Through Amazon?

Amazon has a policy which states that it does not allow sales of CBD products on its platform. Have a look:


It means that even if a product on the Amazon platform advertises itself as ‘CBD product’, it is probably hemp seed oil. However, many companies that sell CBD oils and edibles online, such as:

  • Joy Organics,
  • WTP Hemp, and
  • Lazarus Naturals.

Most of these online CBD stores ship to all 50 states of the U.S.

Three things you should keep in mind while buying a CBD product are:

  • Purity,
  • Price, and
  • Taste.

One big part of selling or buying a CBD product is education. You need to know:

  • whether the product uses organic ingredients,
  • where was the hemp sourced from (down to the state from where it came),
  • how was it processed,
  • how it was packaged etc.

Purity testing by third-party lab results is crucial as they provide information on metals, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals that a product may contain.

What’s The Best Way To Take CBD?

Many people only know about CBD oils. But CBD comes in many other forms, such as:

  • soft gels or capsules that you can take with water,
  • ingestible like vape pens, 
  • creams, balms or lotions for localized pain management, and
  • edibles or food additives like CBD-infused coffee or hemp honey with CBD extract.

CBD companies do print recommended dosages for their products but everyone needs to find the right CBD dose for himself or herself. Experts recommend that one should:

  • start with the lowest CBD dose,
  • keep a journal of how much CBD you took and what was its effects, and
  • increase or decrease the dose accordingly.

One may increase the dose once or twice in a week until he or she achieves the desired effect.

Vaping CBD or taking it sublingually is the fastest way to get it absorbed quickly by the body. It is also the best way to allow most of the CBD to reach the bloodstream and show its effects. Putting CBD oil drops under the tongue and swishing it in your mouth for about 30 seconds is the best way to soothe your anxiety or fight insomnia.

Bioavailability of oral CBD products is quite low. It means that when you add CBD in your food or consume it orally, most of it gets destroyed by the digestion process of the body. Only about 30% to 40% of CBD reaches the bloodstream. It takes CBD two to three hours to show its effects in this case. Hence, oral CBD products should be considered only when you are looking for long-term benefits from their consumption.

Topical products like CBD balms and lotions are good for joint or muscle pains. You apply them to the area where you have pain and the cannabidiol interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the area. This helps it to soothe the pain and inflammation in the area. In the case of topical CBD products, you need to be liberal to be able to see their effects.

Apart from ‘Epidiolex’, it is not allowed for a CBD company to make any medical claims or advertise it as ‘cure-it-all’. But some regular CBD users do claim that using CBD oils have helped them to wean off opiates and other pain medications.

Where To Find High-Quality CBD Products?

CBD is everywhere. You can find CBD-rich bottled water, CBD-infused tea or coffee, and even CBD dog treats! Cannabidiol is there in cosmetics, in soaps and shampoos, and foods and drinks. A simple web search shows you where you can find CBD products near you. These include:

  • exclusive CBD stores,
  • health stores,
  • pharmacies, and
  • local smoke shops.

Since CBD industry is unregulated, the quality of the products in the market varies widely. As a buyer, you need to look for CBD products with ‘zero THC’. One also needs to remember that marijuana-derived CBD oils are still illegal in many states.

CBD hemp oils are legal everywhere. You don’t need a prescription to buy them because they are not approved as ‘treatments’ yet.

If you intend to use CBD, always use a quality product. If the staff of a CBD shop or the customer care expert at an online CBD store tells you to stop your medication, you are warned not to use their products. At the moment, the FDA does not list any recommended dosages. So, you need to study the effects CBD is having on you by keeping a journal of your experiences. Self-education is very important in this field. You have to play the role of both the ‘researcher’ and the ‘subject’ when it comes to CBD.

FDA tested some CBD products and found that they did not contain the level of CBD they claim to have. 

Besides checking out the lab test results, you also need to check out the extraction method of CBD. The CBD oil’s extraction method can make a lot of difference to its quality. The safest and cleanest method to extract cannabidiol from hemp plants is the CO2 extraction method. The supercritical CO2 extraction method is expensive. But most reputable CBD manufacturers use this method as it yields the purest product.

Many doctors warn against using CBD products for:

  • children,
  • pregnant and breastfeeding women, and
  • patients who are on drugs.

CBD, like many other cannabinoids, affects neurochemicals in the brain. Studies to study its effects on children and fetuses are too scant to take the risk. Earlier research shows that exposure to marijuana in pregnant women affects the normal brain development of the fetus. It can also increase the risk of giving a stillbirth or giving birth to smaller babies. Since we do not know whether CBD oil carries these risks or not, the pregnant and breastfeeding women should keep off the CBD oil for now.

Patients should only take CBD after consulting with drugs as the compound has drug-to-drug interactions. CBD is a very strong inhibitor of CYP450 enzymes (a set of liver enzymes called cytochrome P450 enzymes). These enzymes are responsible for metabolizing 60% of the medications in the market. Some of the daily medications with which CBD may interact are:

  • blood thinners like Warfarin,
  • benzodiazepines like Xanax or Antivan, and
  • NSAIDs like Aleve or Advil.

Experts advise that one must space out CBD doses to reduce its ability to inhibit liver enzymes. In humans, the elimination half-life of CBD is 18-32 hours. Hence, if you are taking medications, you might just want to take a single dose of CBD per day.

For most people, CBD is benign and safe. You need to be careful about where to buy it from though.

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