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Competitive Comparison Compare WTP Hemp and HempWorx CBD

WTP Hemp is a company which needs no introduction. Its CBD infused products are high-quality with innumerable health benefits. The main USP of the company is that their products help restore the body’s natural balance.
The situation is similar in case of HempWorx too. HempWorx uses the highest quality of CBD Oil. This oil is derived from Hemp products.

Latest research has found CBD can help treat different health conditions. As a result, the curiosity of many consumers has increased. Read on to know more about WTP Hemp and HempWorx, their products and everything CBD- related.  

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CBD, WTP Hemp, and HempWorx: Everything You Need to Know 

What Is CBD?

First things first, let us focus on CBD. There was a time when few people were aware of CBD. Now, it is everywhere! CBD products have gained popularity like no other. A relaxing catalyst with pain relief help, it is taking the US markets by storm. 

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical constituent that naturally occurs in industrial Hemp or a cannabis plant. Now, are the red flags waving in your head on the mention of cannabis? 

Let us assure you that CBD consumption will not make you high. At All! Actually, it is THC which is psychoactive. THC and CBD are considered same due to structural similarities. CBD has many remedial and restorative properties. These properties help in calming anxiety and treating arthritis. Its medicinal value also helps to control seizures, reduce pain and in the improvement of one’s mood, to name a few. It is also important how to take CBD oil products.

WTP Hemp

Who Is WTP Hemp? 

WTP Hemp is a company which is famous for their superior quality hemp. It also has a 97% bio availability. This is extremely rare for companies in the CBD sector. Such high bioavailability take WTP Hemp products notches higher than their peers.

The hemp used for the CBD products are completely grown within the United States of America. The company takes special care to ensure that the growing conditions are excellent. This gives them a high- quality hemp yield. The CBD products of the company helps in aiding the mental, neurological and physical health of the buyer. Also, the price of the products is very economical too. All this makes WTP Hemp products the first choice for many CBD users.

Who is HempWorx? 

HempWorx’s has been in the health and wellness sector for many years now. They are a member of the prestigious Hemp Industries Association. HempWorx have goodwill and rightfully so. The company sources the raw hemp from registered farms in Kentucky. They operate completely within the United States of America. 

HempWorx has always been transparent about their lab test results and certifications. They actually provide their customers with a link to all the related information. This makes the customer aware of what they are paying for. This further helps to establish a loyal consumer base.

The company uses an advanced level of Supercritical CO2 extraction technology. This technology helps extract active CBD from the cannabis plant. An old trusted company, HempWorx sell their products via store retailers and online. Their products are available in all the states of the United States as well as many other countries. HempWorx customers can expect good quality every single time they choose HempWorx CBD.

hemp oil

A Complete Review Of All The CBD Products Offered By WTP Hemp And HempWorx In 2019: Is It Just CBD Oil Or More? 

We have already established how we can put our trust in both of the CBD companies – WTP Hemp and HempWorx. There is no need to worry about bad quality products or ineffective products. The product line up consists of Tinctures, CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Capsules, CBD creams, Hemp-infused Coffee, CBD Keto Coffee Creamers and Pet Care products. Here’s a more in-depth introduction of their products, company-wise:

WTP Hemp Products

The products offered by WTP Hemp are listed below:

  • Tinctures

The WTP Hemp CBD Oil is dubbed as the fastest acting CBD by the company. It boasts the bio availability of 97% which is quite a feat in itself. The company promises the users fast absorption of the essence by the human body. The product is also very easy to use and has clear dosage instructions. 

These products are organic and free from fillers, synthetics and other harmful ingredients. The company uses its team of experts, product formulators and chemists to use the CO2 extraction technique to get the oil. The raw materials are then dried to expel any molds or germs which in turn gives good quality hemp extracts. It also facilitates the mental and brain health of the user. The oil is solvent free and a pure extract. 

The CBD oil helps to balance the endocannabinoid system and in promoting wellness. CBD Oil can reduce inflammation and acts as an anti-depressant. It can help solve pain related problems as well. It is one of the most concentrated and purest CBD oil offered by any company.
A single bottle of 250mg of WTP CDB costs $74.99. But, on buying more products, the customers can avail attractive discounts.

  • CBD Gummy Bears

The reason why CBD Gummy Bears are so popular is because of their amazing taste. It is very effective in treating chronic pain, migraines and PTSD-related problems. All these reasons make these gummy bears very popular among CBD users. Every piece of gummy bear comes loaded with 20 mg of CBD and contain hemp oil. They also have a prolonged shelf life. These products can last between six months to one year, depending on the ingredients. 

Customers prefer CBD Gummy Bears when they want a more flavorful product. These products are also chosen over CBD Oils when the user isn’t aware of correct dosage. Every piece of gummy bear comes loaded with 20 mg of CBD and contain hemp oil. These gummy bears have a long shelf life as well. They can be stored for six months to a year, depending on the ingredients used.

CBD Gummy Bears are very popular among CBD users. Everybody is not comfortable using essential oils, especially younger children. CBD Gummy Bears make more sense when a child or a teenager is suffering from chronic pain. Usually only a single gummy bear can ease the pain to a great extent. 

The gummy texture of the product is due to the presence of gelatin in them. There are two varieties of CBD Gummy Bears. One variety has artificial flavor added to them. The other variety contains real fruit juice making them 100% natural. There are vegan-friendly CBD gummy bear options for the customers to pick from as well! The product is vegan-friendly as the gelatin is traded for pectin. Gelatin is obtained from animals. Pectin is made from plants making them vegan.

Easy to use and consume, WTP CBD Gummy Bears are available in different varieties. You can choose from CBD gummy, CBD gummy bears, CBD gummy worms, or CBD gumdrops whichever you prefer most. A 600 mg bottle containing 30 tablets comes at the price of $99.95 which is a relatively cheap buy. 

  • CBD Capsules

WTP Hemp CBD capsules are very simple and non-fussy. They can be easily introduced in the daily routine of the buyer. The benefits of these capsules are similar to that of CBD Oil. It is really easy to consume making it the preferred choice of certain customers. The user can take 1-3 capsules depending on his heath needs.

Today everyone wants an option which is convenient and less time consuming. CBD capsules give its users exactly that. The gel like capsules make it really simple to be included in any person’s daily routine. The buyer can also skip the strong taste by swallowing the capsules directly.

The company sells 30 capsules in a single bottle with each capsule containing 10 mg of CBD. It is priced at $59.95 which is quite fair when compared to its competitors.

  • CBD Cream

This CBD Cream is specially designed by WTP Hemp to provide chronic pain relief. It an Isolate product which basically means that it is 100% CBD. The user can directly apply the cream on the affected area. It is a non-irritant and facilitates easy absorption into the skin.
The product also helps reduce ache in other parts of the body especially joint and muscle pain. A 250 gm of the skin cream retails for $64.99. It contains 4 oz of product in the container. Considering the price, it definitely is a great deal for the buyer.

HempWorx Products

The products offered by HempWorx are listed below:

  • 500mg & 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

HempWorx uses the FDA endorsed “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS) CO2 method of hemp oil extraction. By eliminating the use of harsh solvents, the company has opted for the more healthier CO2 process. This makes the Hemp Oil very good.

The CBD oils developed by HempWorx are usually available in the 500 mg and 750 mg concentrations. The 500 mg concentration works for most people. But for the 750 concentrate, proper dosage intake becomes very important. It is usually available in three flavors – peppermint, natural and cinnamon. The flavors and sweeteners are natural and not synthetic. 

Children, pets and adults alike can use these oil products. HempWorx consumers can find a THC- free version of the CBD oils as well if they prefer that. The “Entourage Effect” is usually achieved by using the Full Spectrum Hemp Oils. These oils contain traces of THC in them. THC and CBD when mixed together, helps the buyer meet the “entourage effect.” This effect can prove to be quite beneficial to the user.
The bottles can be purchased for as little as $69 (for a single unit).

  • CBD Cream

There are three variations of the CBD Cream offered by the company to their customers:

  • HempWorx’s Relief Icy Pain Rub 

This rub contains Emu Oil and CBD which helps provide instant relief from any pain or discomfort. The cream needs to be applied directly on the affected area. The topical cream is specially designed for joint soreness and body aches. It has a cooling effect on the applied area. It contains no traces of THC. 

This CBD skincare product makes it easier for the skin to absorb the cream. HempWorx users can see results very quickly due to the infused CBD. The product also does not contain any toxic elements which can cause irritation to the skin.
A single container of WTP CBD cream costs around $69. The container has 1 oz of product having 50 mg of active cannabidiol. 

  • HempWorx’s Revive Cream

This anti-aging skin cream works wonders for your complexion and skin texture. Infused with Collagen Retinol, the product is suitable for all skin type. Containing 50 mg of CBD, it helps battle fine lines which appear on the skin with age. This bottle is also priced at $69. 

  • HempWorx’s Renew Anti-Aging Cream
    This skin cream, as the name suggests, helps to remove wrinkles and other lines on the face. This cream helps to increase the longevity of the skin cells. After use of the cream, the user can get healthier, brighter and younger looking skin. There is zero THC in the skin cream.

The product is quite affordable and can bought for $69 and contains 50 mg CBD like the other variants.

  • HempWorx’s Hemp Infused Coffee

The product created from Arabica coffee beans and other potent, naturally occurring ingredients. It is also gluten free, cruelty free, non-GMO and has zero THC. The coffee is vegan friendly too.

The buyer can avail 5 mg of Hemp-derived CBD per cup which will cost them as little as $2.30 per cup. Each box of Hemp infused Coffee will contain 150 mg of CBD.

  • HempWorx’s CBD Keto Coffee Creamers

Every stick pack of CBD Keto Coffee Creamers contains 5 mg of Hemp Oil extract. These keto creamers are incredibly healthy. They are gluten free, vegan friendly, cruelty free, and sugar free with zero THC. The buyer can choose from three delicious flavors – hazelnut, mocha and vanilla. 

  • HempWorx for Pets

To the delight of pet lovers, the company has come up with two different products for pets. They designed the products keeping in mind the needs of our pets. They help activate the CB2 receptors of our pets in turn. Activating CB2 receptors, the mental and physical health can be regulated.
It currently offers 250mg Bacon Flavored Hemp Oil and 2.5mg Dog Treats. The dog treats are grain-free, soy-free and corn-free. Also, the treats are beef flavored which makes it perfect for your doggo. Made in the United States, the products are free of any artificial additions.

The general effectiveness of these WTP Hemp and HempWorx products depends on the following factors:

  • The body weight of the person using the product
  • The CBD content level of the gummy bears
  • The sensitivity level of the person towards CBD using the product
  • The general vitality of the person using the product
  • Quantity consumed by the person

These products have a loyal fan base due to no confirmed side effects and high effectiveness. Both WTP Hemp and HempWorx have also kept the prices quite cheap making it easy on one’s pockets.

oil & water

What Makes WTP Hemp Products More Effective? 

The CBD products are created using a water-soluble nanoemulsion technology. The CBD droplets in the products are water-soluble. These droplets are around 4 to 200 times smaller than the ongoing industry standard. This enables the droplets to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream of the users.

The high potency of WTP Hemp products is due to the superior CBD oil and the employed technology. These factors help fasten the product’s bioavailability to the human body.

The company sells their products through retailers or online. Their main business module is unique but well structured. The customers prefer these products due to the high quality and fair pricing of the products. The results remain more or less standard for each of their products as well.
WTP Hemp products are better than HempWorx products because the former has a very advanced water-soluble extraction technology. Also, not enough emphasis can be given on the superior quality of their CBD. There is also not a huge difference in their pricing.

The Various Ways WTP Hemp Helps Your Body 

WTP Hemp regulates and reaches out to the endocannabinoid system of our body. The main focus is on the system’s cannabinoid receptors. The user can see improvements in their sleep, mental stability and psychological functions. There will be a general reduction in inflammation and pain related issues. 

There are two types of pain which a human usually suffers from – musculoskeletal and nerve. WTP Hemp can help in both the cases.  

  1. WTP Hemp and Brain

CBD helps to regulate brain activities. It helps in strengthening memory and cognitive functions. The CBD infused products help change the neurochemistry levels of the brain. This is achieved by keeping the neurotransmitters in check. 

  1. WTP Hemp and Chronic Pain

With age, many people often complain of pain and inflammation in joints. CBD Hemp products boast of anti-inflammatory properties. They can provide relief and improve joint health. The main challenge here to figure out a dosage which works for you. A particular quantity taken by one buyer can help relieve him of pain at a particular time. But that same quantity when used by another person may be ineffective. But one thing that remains unchallenged? CBD is considerably safe and can definitely help in the treatment of pain.

  1. WTP Hemp and Anxiety

Anxiety, arguably is the most common problem faced by many of us. CBD has therapeutic effects which can help balance the brain’s chemical receptors. It can help reduce stress and anxiety. Aggressive behavior can be kept in check with the controlled use of CBD products.

CBD also helps in the treatment of panic disorders and PTSD. But, don’t treat CBD products as a miracle drug. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet combined with regular exercise and CBD is a must. This will have a positive effect on your body.

  1. WTP Hemp and Seizures

WTP Hemp products can help diminish the severity and frequency of seizures. CBD helps in calming the brain. This feature of CBD helps people suffering from epilepsy. 

  1. WTP Hemp and Depression

Depression has become quite common in today’s world. CBD oils and CBD gummy bears can help combat depression. This is because the products have anti- depressant properties. They are not as strong as the synthetic drugs, but still provide a holistic healing on a whole.

  1. WTP Hemp and Skin 

WTP Hemp creams are specially designed to help reduce inflammation. Applying the cream on different parts of the body will provide comfort to the user. The skin cream is of very good quality and get easily absorbed in the skin.
Also, since the cream is an Isolate, the pure CBD may also help control acne. CBD oil can help reduce acne by regulating chemicals responsible for the inflammation.


Things To Note When Choosing CBD Products: Why WTP Hemp Passes It 

While shopping for CBD products, you should ask yourself many questions. Solely based on the information gathered, should you place your trust in any brand.

Check the legitimacy of the label 

The containers of all WTP Hemp products are properly labeled. They also provide a specific guideline about dosage. They don’t try to be vague about their ingredients or other information.

Check the lab testing and certifications of the company

There are various tests that help establish the safety and quality levels of CBD products. A good company should make their products undergo these laboratory tests. There are quite a few like Gas Chromatography Tests, Certificates of Analysis, Potency Tests and Antimicrobial Tests that can be employed for this purpose. 

All experts share the same opinion viz. every company should get their products third party tested. The buyers should research about the certifications of the company and the dosage. Fraud companies can sometime manipulate labels so the user needs to be careful.

WTP Hemp makes no false dosage claims. The CBD products’ quality and effectiveness uphold the high standards set by the company. 

Be aware of the specified dosing of the CBD product

Brands should clearly mention dosage instructions along with the product. Sadly, not a lot of companies take the effort to focus on this. Very few companies include clear instructions about dosage along with their products.
The customers should also pay attention on the CBD type i.e whether it is isolate or full spectrum. Full-spectrum products could include other cannabinoids like cannabidivarin or cannabigerol. Isolate products consist of CBD solely. Also, full spectrum requires less dosage as it is very strong. Isolates are relatively weaker when compared to Full Spectrum products.

Find out about the purity of the CBD product

Usually companies add alcohol or water to the oils to dilute it. This makes the manufacturing process cheaper for them. WTP Hemp products are pure without any infiltrations. Even, HempWorx indulges in no such practices taking pride is their superior quality products.

Check the extra ingredients used in the making of the product

You should be well aware of every single ingredient used in the production of the CBD product. Sometime companies may add melatonin to the products. Melatonin is safe when used for short term purposes but if used regularly it can cause side effects like headaches, irritability, stomach cramps, dizziness, etc. 

You should be aware of the varies effects of the employed ingredients – their pros and cons. Be an informed customer.

Does the company claim that their products can “cure” diseases? 

Experts advise to pass on products of companies claiming their products help “cure” diseases as it is strictly against the rules. This implies that if any company does make such claims, they’re either ignorant or are willing to break rules. Never has WTP Hemp made any claims stating their products have the power to magically cure its users.

Check whether the product has a batch number

A batch number helps to determine whether the company manufactures the products in good conditions adhering to rules. In case of an emergency, there should be ways to identify and recall faulty CBD products. 


Commonly Asked Questions About CBD And CBD Products

There are a lot of FAQs regarding CBD products and CBD in general. Here are the most common doubts which customers ask before placing an order:

Is CBD Safe for Consumption? What makes WTP Hemp’s Products Better Than their Counterparts? 

CBD is 100% safe when purchased from a reliable company selling pure CBD products like WTP Hemp. It is also true that the Food and Drug Association (FDA) approves of only specific CBD products so it will be advisable to talk to one’s physician about your conditions and dosage before placing an order. 

WTP Hemp grow quality hemp plants in first grade conditions. The extracted CBD oil is pure and of very high-quality. There are no infiltrations and harmful chemicals or solvents are totally eliminated. Care is also taken to ensure that there are no contaminants in the oil derived. 

Are CBD Infused Products Legal? 

CBD is legal in most of the states in the United States for medicinal and recreational purposes whereas some states have made it legal for only specific medicinal purposes. States like South Dakota, Nebraska and Idaho still have not made CBD legal. Also, the latest Farm Bill signed in 2014 states CBD extracted from Hemp Seed Oil that has less than 0.3% THC content by dry weight is federally legal. 

To narrow it down, it is legal to grow hemp under the federal law but each state still has the right to set and exercise their own policy. For a more detailed information regarding various state laws, you can contact Americans for Safe Access organization.

What is the Difference Between CBD and THC? 

A cannabis plant is made up of two main components: THC and CBD. You already know about CBD and how it is derived. Let shift the focus on THC to help you understand the difference better.

Delta (9)-tetrahydrocannabinol or the commonly used term, THC is a chemical which causes the user to experience euphoria or “getting high.” It also, like CBD, helps provide various health benefits like stress, anxiety, nausea and pain relief.

The main difference between CBD and THC is that the former isn’t psychoactive and the latter is but due to the similar structure, the two are often confused with each other by customers. When both CBD and THC are consumed together, the effect can be positively more prominent. However, extra care must be taken regarding the dosage. The greater impact on the user can be contributed to the “Entourage Effect.” 

What is the Difference Between Full Spectrum CBD Oils and the Grocery Bought Hemp Products? 

Grocery stores sell hemp products which are made of Hemp Seed Oil which contains at the most, only traces of CBD or not even that. The Full Spectrum CBD oils are extracted from carefully chosen hemp plant stalks. They contain a very high percentage of CBD and exhibit many nutritional benefits too. 

Hence, grocery hemp products differ in terms of quality from Full Spectrum Hemp Oils.

What is Hemp and How Is It Related to CBD?

Hemp and Marijuana are the two main variations of the cannabis sativa plant. While both of the variations contain CBD, the percentage is considerably higher in Hemp. Also, the traces of THC are also lower in it in comparison to marijuana making it more appropriate to extract CBD from hemp. 

It should also be kept in mind that CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are two different things. Hemp Oil does not contain any cannabinoids, CBD or THC.

Will I Get High After Using CBD or its Products?

No, you won’t get high after consuming CBD as it’s not psychoactive.

Will I Pass a Drug Test After Using CBD or CBD Products?

THC is the main reason due to which people fail drug tests. CBD users shouldn’t face any such problem as the THC content in it is negligible at only 0.3%. However, to be on the safe side avoid the intake of CBD before appearing for a drug test.

What Does CBD Product Taste Like?

Nearly all CBD products have a bitter taste which some people can surely dislike. The CBD Gummy Bears though have a fruity or a sweet taste due to the added natural flavors.

What is the Best and Safest Way to Take CBD?

All CBD products are safe, provided you are careful and aware of the correct dosage. Some people don’t like to swallow tablets and prefer a physical alternative. For them, CBD creams is the chosen option as they can directly apply it on the affected area to get rid of any pain or ache. Whereas tinctures and capsules take longer to work but the effect also generally lasts longer. 

Thus, the method of intake mostly depends on the preference of the user. 


Shopping With WTP Hemp: All You Need To Know

WTP Hemp is a renowned business which will definitely not scam you. 

  • Shopping with WTP Hemp is Completely Secure.

All the e-commerce transactions are 256 Bit encrypted making it highly safe for every customer. 

  • Shopping with WTP Hemp Mean High Quality Products.

As mentioned before in the article, WTP Hemp’s prime focus is good quality products which every customer is assured of due to the high-quality CBD oil and extraction technology.

  • Shopping with WTP Hemp Means After Sales Assistance.

The customers can take advantage of the knowledgeable and helpful customer support seven days, every week.

The major plus point of shopping with WTP Hemp is that if the customer is fully satisfied with their products, they can avail a full refund! 

  • General Payment and Shipping Procedure: 

Customers can place their order for the products via VISA, Mastercard and American Express with the shipping usually done within one day. Residents in the United States and Canada can expect their delivery within 3-5 days whereas international shipping can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks, depending on the country. It should be noted that shipping fee is non-refundable.

The Side-Effects Of CBD Products

People don’t commonly experience any side effect when consuming CBD. The main priority for the user should always be to consult a physician before starting to use CBD products. Self-medication can be harmful when one doesn’t have enough knowledge and as such can mess up the dosage. 

Though no confirmed side-effects have been established, a higher dose can cause the user to fall asleep. However, if you have a cannabinoid allergy, the reactions can be quite dangerous. Sometimes, people can be a little sensitive to CBD but it isn’t harmful as in the case of allergies. If you feel an appetite loss, diarrhea, nausea or dry mouth immediately check the expiry of the products you’re using. The shelf life, although prolonged for many products, isn’t life-long. Expired products are not good and need to be thrown out or replaced. 

THC when mixed with CBD may help achieve better results when used for medicinal purposes but before indulging in such practice, you should consult an expert to know what you are getting into. 


Final Call: Should WTP Hemp Be Your First Choice? 

Some CBD product manufacturers have come under the government’s radar by making false and wild claims of curing diseases like cancer. CBD basically helps provide relief for anxiety, chronic pain and proper sleep. There is still the need for a lot of research on CBD, its uses, its side effects and so on. But WTP Hemp, as discussed above, clearly is a safe bet. 

It is completely transparent about its certifications and laboratory tests, employs the use of extremely good quality American hemp, has a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction technology and has been in the health business for a long period of time to establish itself as the correct choice.

The pricing of the products too is competitive and clear. The existing users swear by the product and if you wish to include CBD in your routine daily treatment, then WTP Hemp should definitely be your first choice. 

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