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Competitive Comparison Diamond CBD: What You Need To Know. Comprehensive Guide

Over the last few months, CBD or Cannabidiol oil has taken the world by storm. In the states where it is legal, CBD has become an integral ingredient of everyday life.

When people first became familiar with the CBD brand Diamond, the sheer magnitude of their product range was overwhelming. While some people shy away from experimenting, it was a whole new world of products to experience for me. They produce everything from edibles to beauty creams, from vapes to treat for your dog. 

Although Diamond CBD has managed to establish a stronghold over the market, they operate without having a local store. The company has a warehouse and offices in Miami, Florida, but they take orders only over the call or directly through their website. 

Alternatively, their products are also available at head shops or smoke shops, all over the country. Diamond CBD will provide you with a complete list of the vendors who sell their products. In addition to their brand of Diamond CBD, they also offer products under the banners of Biotech CBD and Medipets. 

Big names like L.T. Taylor, an ex-NFL player, and Tommy Chong are endorsing the brand, but there is an air of suspicion around CBD or cannabis. But with Diamond CBD, there is an assurance of no foul play as their products have less than 0.3% of THC in their oils. 

Who Is Diamond CBD?

Diamond CBD is the largest manufacturers & distributors of hemp-based products in the North America region. At Diamond CBD, the main aim is to research and develop various new varieties of CBD hemp extracts. Not only this, but they also want to make them accessible to people spread across the world. They have an efficient team comprising of scientists and doctors. These people are responsible for producing the best and purest CBD products.

The company started in the year 2007, operating from Miami, Florida. They source their hemp as a raw material from the fields of Scandinavia and Colorado. Both areas are known to produce high-quality grade hemp, which is not available in other parts of the world. It ensures their final good is of superior quality. If you are wondering about the CBD type that they offer, their website has three categories. Diamond CBD has Full Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate, and even Active CBD. 

 They check most of the products manufactured, with care while they undergo the production process, to ensure 100% quality. The products are safe, natural, and lab-tested CBD extracts.

What Are The Highlights Of Diamond CBD Products?

At first, glance, what catches the eye about Diamond CBD is the wide range of products. Its sheer magnitude of diversity can leave you baffled for a while. They have plenty of products which no second company offers. For people who love to experiment and try out new products, it can be the perfect pick. But, if you are someone who finds it hard to make a decision, well keep some time on hand when you are browsing through their website. 

What makes Diamond CBD stand out is the effort they put in their products. They are more keen on innovation and delivering something new to their customers. It clearly shows that they wish to keep their customers satisfied. Let’s take a look at all the highlights of the company:

  • The product range:

As stated earlier, hands down the most striking feature about Diamond CBD is the product range. Upon opening their website, when you select the ‘All’ products option, you can find a shopping list of 607 products. Wondering what are the categories the site includes? You will find 50 categories ranging from CBD oils to vapes, with 12 products each, amounting to 600 total products. Well, the rest of the 7 comes under the extras.   

  • They offer amazing pet products:

Most often, pets need some extra love and care. Although there are a plethora of products available in the ‘general’ store, rarely any of them have CBD as their ingredient. Ageing and ailing dogs can find relief with these products. There are plenty of reviews online that seconds the opinion.

Given the fact that the company operates in the USA, it has become a common misconception that they source the hemp from the country itself. Diamond CBD procures all of their raw materials from Scandinavia. They have tie-ups with hemp farms, where the harvest is free from insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Their hemp goes through some of the most rigorous quality check standards making sure that the products made from it are of higher quality. So, if the CBD products you get have Scandinavian hemp, you can rest assured about the purity of it.   

  • The price range fits every pocket:

The CBD market currently lacks in catering to various price points. For most people, it becomes difficult to spend $120 on a bottle of CBD oil. For a common man, the products are not perceived as an everyday purchase but as an affordable luxury item. Diamond CBD has made efforts to change it by offering a more extensive range of products in terms of sizes, with different price points. It gives the customers a chance to try out the products and then decide if they work for them. They have products under the price range of $10, taking the question of affordability out of the window.    

  • They Offer Dabs:

CBD Dabs are highly potent, which is why they are rarely available in the market. Owing to the fact that not many manufacturers provide it, Diamond CBD stands apart here as well. They have crystal rocks that are very effective and can give you relief within a short span of time.  

Types Of CBD Products In The Market

Full Spectrum CBD: Full spectrum CBD oil is replete with cannabinoids, all of which are present in marijuana as well.  Full spectrum CBD oil, also known as whole plant CBD, contains all kinds of cannabinoids that are there in a cannabis plant. These are:









For a Full spectrum, CBD oil, taking out all these cannabinoids from the cannabis plant means that there will be certain amounts of THC. THC can have some psychoactive effects, though the levels are very low.

CBD Isolate: Isolate CBD is the pure form of only CBD and does not contain any other types of cannabinoids. It is not at all risky to consume Isolate CBD. Separation from the rest of the compounds present in cannabis takes place at a molecular level, especially THC. Hence this makes it safe.

Though CBD isolate is purer and more potent than other CBDs, it is not as beneficial as the full spectrum variety. This high potency of the isolate does not make it superior to compete with the various positive effects of the other cannabinoids. These cannabinoids, on the other hand, are present in full spectrum CBD oil products.

Active CBD:  One prepares this form of CBD by slow heating of raw CBD for a certain period of time so that the acid is burnt off and only the pure CBD remains back. In this process, the vitamins and the plant material also burns off so that a pure and THC-free CBD oil stays as the residue.

Types Of Oil

CBD oils are available in a massive number of varieties. Some of them are:

Regular CBD Oil: The combination of CBD and VG work very well in almost all the CBD products, particularly the CBD oil vapes. VG is nothing but Vegetable Glycerin, which is an ingredient that finds use in e-liquids or e-juices to create huge clouds of vapour. Glycerine is a pure and clear substance which comes from the vegetables.

MCT Oil: CBD, along with MCT oil, is a very popular supplement as both of them work in association, to promote both wellness and health. MCT oil is a favourite amongst the people who are fitness conscious, as it is full of rich nutrients as well as benefits. The natural ingredients boost the improvement of health.

CBD Honey Tincture: Yet another popular combination, CBD with honey is for people who want to taste along with benefits. Honey itself is also full of health benefits, and these increase manifold when other CBD oils make pair with it. It also best enjoyed with salads, smoothies, and other dishes.

With Hemp Seed Oil: CBD with hemp seed oil is an entirely natural full spectrum variety that can suit any lifestyle. This product is quite beneficial for those people who want to add extra zing to their lifestyle. Sublingual use of few drops or mixing with the favourite drink is some of the options. Available in a variety of strengths, this combination is prevalent among the users.

Olive Oil: Both CBD oil and Olive Oil are two potent oils when it comes to improving the overall conditions of health. So, it is well understood that when these two oils form a mixture, the user will reap great benefits. This product enhances the taste of the salads or any food item. This helps in enjoying the benefits of CBD oil as well as enhancing the taste of the food with the flavour of fresh olive oil.

CBD Strength

CBD oil is available in various strengths like 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, 250 mg, etc. This can go up to 3550 mg per container.   

What Products Do They Offer?

Right from CBD Oil to CBD vape oils to CBD edibles and creams, there is an extensive range of verified CBD products which a buyer can choose. These products are all of the highest quality, and when it comes to reliability, the US population has no doubt in believing in their usage. 

Have a look into the different types of CBD products available in the market:

CBD bath bomb

CBD pet spray

CBD honey

CBD oral drops

CBD chocolates

CBD cotton candies

CBD coffee capsules

CBD gummies

CBD dried fruits

CBD dog treats

CBD popcorns

CBD slushies

CBD syringes

CBD terpenes

CBD tinctures

CBD vape additives

CBD vape oils

CBD vaping pens and tanks

CBD flavoured tinctures

Hemp masks

Hemp moisturizers

Hemp Creams

Pet oils

Hemp scrubs

Keeping in mind the choice in the taste of different consumers, the products are available in various flavors. There are also categorized according to the nature of usage as well as the type of product. All these are available in the site of the concerned retailer. 

CBD And Pain Management

This is a very common question among the masses. People often wonder whether CBD oil has any positive effects on pain management. Many people use cannabidiol for managing pain and anxiety, but still, a lot of scientific research is necessary to ensure their safety. There is a lot of stigmas associated with the use of CBD, so understanding the working of cannabidiol is essential. This will help overcome the taboos associated. 

Many people, on the other hand, experience side effects when they consume CBD.

Unlike other cannabinoids, like THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD cannot produce a euphoric feeling. Neither can it conjure up any psychoactive effect. The reason behind this is that CBD does not affect the same receptors as THC. The endocannabinoid system or the ECS in human bodies regulate certain functions. These functions are basic like immune-system responses, pain, and sleep. The system is capable of receiving and translating signals from the cannabinoids. As a fact of the matter, some of them the system produces itself.

When THC enters the body, a feeling of “high” starts spreading in the body. This happens because the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors get affected. There is a production of pleasure chemicals called dopamine. CBD, on the other hand, does not produce any “high” and does not change the person’s state of mind.

CBD stops the body from absorbing anandamide, which is responsible for pain regulation. This increased level of anandamide in the bloodstream is responsible for reducing the pain a person may feel. Cannabidiol is also supposed to restrict the inflammation in the brain and the nervous system. This is quite effective for people who suffer from insomnia, pain, or specific immune-system responses.

How Much Diamond CBD Products Can Cost You?

The wide product range of products on offer by the company makes it affordable for the masses. There is a product to fit everyone’s pocket, making it easier to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD. They have divided the product range into smaller quantities, enabling you to try it out first before investing too much into it. 

Now, give a glance as to how much the products will cost you:

Diamond CBD Dabs: The product Dabs are a bit on the expensive side. They range from $7.69 to $169.99 for the bigger packing. 

Diamond CBD Creams: Coming to the CBD creams, they can cost $49.99 for a normal sized product. However, the price goes up to $149.99 for the bigger variant.  

Diamond CBD Oil: The price range of CBD oils starts from $19.99 and goes up to $219.99. 

Diamond CBD Edibles: Although edibles have a wide variety of products under it, the price varies from $7.69 to $169.99.

Diamond CBD Pets: The pet products like oils, sprays, and treats can cost between $19.99 and $39.99. 

Diamond CBD Vapes: To get a CBD vape from Diamond CBD, you ought to shell something between $30 to $279.99. 

Are There Any Negatives?

The first and foremost thing that was kind of odd is the very fact that they do not offer a guarantee for their products. They have options for return and refund. But there is no explicit guarantee of customer satisfaction on their website. It somehow sends out a wrong signal that they aren’t too sure about their products. 

Another observation that raises a few red flags was their product descriptions. They seemed a tad bit confusing, not descriptive enough, and raised a few questions. 

Recent News

The new range of Diamond CBD’s oil products, launched this year, has increased exponentially. As usual, they have gained popularity with their users this year. It has become a star profit maker in the market. It is now available in the more popular brands of the company like Relax, Meds, and Biotech. All these CBD products will definitely show sales of $1.1 million in the month of May only.

The consumers showed solidarity towards the brand by buying more cannabidiol products. Diamond CBD entered the $100 billion global market of chocolates this year. The latest addition to its range of products is CBD infused chocolate. There are also other companies in this market: CBDistillery, PureKana, Plus CBD Oil, True Terpenes, and of course WTPHemp.

What People Think!

To reiterate, Diamond CBD are worth their value. They are organically grown with the best raw materials sourced from Scandinavian countries. Produced from the finest hemp, the rigorous quality checks ensure the highest standards in quality. With years of cultivation experience, they have mastered the art of CBD product manufacturing.

They have outdone their competitors in terms of product range and price as well. The company has made it possible for someone with a limited budget, to get their hands on the CBD products. People suffering from medical issues like insomnia or anxiety have benefited from what Diamond CBD has to offer. It certainly caters to people from all walks of life, including pets.

However, there is one area where they can take it up a notch. Their website needs a little improvement; to be more precise, it must have more details about the products. Unless and until a customer has clarity of the product, they will not be able to make an informed decision.     

WTP Hemp: Revised

With the booming CBD market, plenty of hemp manufacturers have tried to test the waters. But over the years, only a few were able to hold their ground. To give a tough competition to Diamond CBD, a new company ‘WTP Hemp’ has emerged in the American market. They aim to provide high quality CBD products and help provide relief to people all around the globe. What gives them an edge over Diamond CBD is the new technology that they use. 

Reckon how WTP Hemp is better than Diamond CBD:

1. Higher customer satisfaction:

The key point of difference among the two manufacturers is the attention given to customer satisfaction. WTP Hemp is the one brand that aims to provide unmatched customer satisfaction through quality products. It goes on to show their level of confidence in their products, which is lacking when it comes to Diamond CBD. Hence, it gives an edge to WTP Hemp. 

2. Detailed website:

A customer always prefers to make an informed decision, and only a well-detailed website can help them do so. They give all the necessary information with the products, so that it is easier for customers. Moreover, WTP Hemp also has a section of description and directions to use the product. They also have a feature of customer reviews, which helps them to review the product while buying. 

3. Use of Nanotechnology:

What actually makes WTP Hemp, all other manufacturers, is the process that they use. It is one of the first company in America to delve into innovating and bring out something new. They make use of the nanotechnology, a scientific process, which enables the cannabinoids to absorb faster by your body. The CBD droplets are 4 to 200 times smaller, entering the bloodstream easier. With the use of this method, the quality of their products sure rises, making them more effective. If that is not all, the products made using the nanotechnology also turns out to be much more easier on the pockets. 

4. Extensive customer support services:The task of customer satisfaction begins when users buy products. Keeping that in mind, WTP Hemp has given enough attention to customer support. They have a dedicated telephone line, which is available all seven days for them. Besides that, customers can also mail the company to resolve their issues. Although the products are of the best quality and guarantees 100% satisfaction.

In case if any complaint arises, the customer has the option to return it within 30 days. They can opt for exchanging the product or even getting a refund of the full amount. So what may the case be, the customer always gets the best of the deal with WTP Hemp. Coming to Diamond CBD, their terms of return and refund are a tad bit ambiguous, leaving room for doubts. Here again, WTP Hemp stands out among its competitors.

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