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Competitive Comparison WTP Hemp vs Purekana. The Battle

People looking to buy CBD oil online must remember that the FDA does not monitor or regulate the sale of hemp CBD products. PureKana’s website, one of the biggest online players in the CBD oil market, clearly states that:

‘CBD products are NOT approved as a medicine.’

Still, many celebrities swear by the health benefits of CBD oil. Recent studies and research work on hemp seeds and CBD paint quite an encouraging picture. Thousands of people testify that CBD oil, CBD gummies, hemp seed oil, and other CBD products have improved their physical, mental and emotional health. 

Most of the animal tests report positive results, clinical tests on humans are still going on.

The scientists found that cannabinoids (including cannabidiol or CBD) attach to receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system and affect health in various ways. They help in regulating:

  • Memory,
  • Metabolic Processes (such as Energy Balance),
  • Moods, and
  • Sleep.

CBD products are often touted as the wonder drug of the future. They may be helpful in treating issues like:

  • Anxiety,
  • Chronic Pain,
  • Depression,
  • Diabetes,
  • Glaucoma,
  • Headaches,
  • Insomnia,
  • Loss of Appetite,
  • Menstrual Cramps,
  • Muscle Spasms, 
  • Parkinson’s Disease,
  • Tobacco and Cannabis Addiction, 
  • Treatment-resistant Epilepsy, and
  • Weight Loss.

CBD oil companies also claim that their products:

  • improve heart health, 
  • fight stress, and 
  • protect against some forms of cancer.

In some states of the US, CBD products are as commonly available as coffee. In others, their possession can prompt an arrest. It is to be noted that the 2018 Farm Bill lifted the federal ban on the production of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is the variety of the cannabis plant which has less than 0.3% THC – the substance that gives you a ‘high’ when smoked or ingested. Still, many states have yet to change their laws in this regard. There are many different brands like Beezbee CBD, Plus CBD oil, CBDistillery, Lazarus CBD, Charlotte’s Web, Nuleaf Naturals.

Why People Buy CBD Oil Online?

Millions of people are using CBD products daily for a wide range of health and wellness benefits. But if you are a first time user, it might be confusing where to buy the CBD product you want to try. Hundreds of brands are selling their CBD products online. The variation in different hemp and CBD product types, potency, flavor, and price can be quite overwhelming and confusing.

Online stores are expected to make it easier for their consumers to explore and buy their products and services. The entire ‘digital marketplace’ scenario is based on ‘trust’ and ‘reliability’. You need to be transparent about your products and their pricing. You also need to have a very efficient and responsive customer care system.

Netizens today find it easy to look for anything online. A few keywords can help them reach the products of their choice. Placing orders and paying digitally has become the norm today. But when it comes to CBD products, you need to be careful about whom you are dealing with.

Best coupon offers and discount deals may look exciting for an online shopper. But you need to remember that:

The money you ‘save’ is only worth it, if the money you ‘spend’ reaps you benefits you expect from a product.

In the case of CBD oils, it is essential that you choose a brand that has a solid track record of delivering what it promises.

Is Purekana CBD Oil Good For Chronic Pain?

PureKana is a big name in the cannabis industry. Hundreds of reviewers shared their experiences of using its products. To glean out the truth, it was necessary to categorize the reviews as ‘fake’ (placed by the company as part of its online marketing strategy) and ‘genuine’ (written by actual buyers).

Here are some snippets of the reviews you might find useful:

“Like most CBD companies, it was not easy to find detailed information about the founders of PureKana. The company has its main office in Parsippany, New Jersey and another one in Watford, United Kingdom. The company was incorporated in the UK in October 2017 and the Google Search revealed that the name of its Director is Jeffrey Yauch. Oddly enough, the company’s website claims that it is based in Los Angeles.”

Right in the beginning, this particular review communicates three red flags about the company. 

  • How can one trust an online company which is not forthright about its origin? In the digital marketplace, you do not know the physical location of a shop or a store. If a company is incorporated at one place and claims to be from another place, it places a question mark on its credibility.
  • PureKana was found in October 2017. It has been two years since then. It seems odd that the company site does not share details about its founders. When you read the ‘Our Story’ page of the website, it is all about Pure Kana’s CBD oils and products. There is nothing about the founder or the top management of the company. 
  • The company is relatively new in the market. It has been only around for two years. Yet, it has a number of detailed reviews floating around on the Internet. It arouses the suspicion about the ‘genuineness’ of some of the super-exciting positive reviews of the company’s products.

PureKana offers CBD oils, capsules, and other edibles, but its oil seems to be most popular. PureKana CBD oils come in three strengths – 300mg, 600mg, and 1,000 mg. It also comes in three flavors – natural, vanilla, and mint. The company claims that its CBD oil contains less than 0.02% THC. It also claims that its CBD oil is:

  • free from solvents and chemicals,
  • non-GMO, 
  • organic, and
  • tested by third-party labs.

That sounds good, isn’t it? 

Yet, the FAQs on the company website warn us against thinking of this claim as a guarantee. Take a look:


If you are not the one to read ‘between the lines’, it means that the company clearly washes its hands off any guarantee on the quality of its products with this FAQ.

How To Find The Truth About Purekana?

Here’s a snippet from the review of the PureKana mint-flavor CBD oil (300 mg):

“I wasn’t expecting miracles, nor did I receive any. To be frank, I didn’t feel much in the way of relief from my elbow pain…What I will say is that PureKana’s mint CBD oil helped improve my sleep markedly.”

So, the PureKana CBD oil might not be effective in providing relief in the case of chronic pain. As the review suggests, it might help you with your insomnia and help you feel calmer. There is a chance that a higher dosage of the CBD oil may have been more effective for this buyer.

Many ‘positive’ and ‘detailed’ reviews about the company’s products seem to have been written by an online marketer. They included all the details about all the PureKana products, their prices, and gave 5-star ratings to all of them. The only ‘negative’ they mentioned in such reviews was that they did not give a ‘high’.

Who expects a high from the CBD oil? 

The whole idea of using the CBD oil (instead of marijuana) is that it contains a negligible amount of THC and is non-psychoactive in nature. It’s not a negative of course. It was just placed there to ‘make’ the review sound genuine.

Which ‘genuine’ buyer writes about ‘all’ the products of a company and offers a ‘coupon code’ for other prospective buyers? 

To investigate the matter, we did a quick search on ‘PureKana complaints’ and here are some of the oft-repeated complaints we found:

  • Pathetic customer service

As this review suggests, this lady had difficulty in placing the order. Several other complaints said that no one replied to the emails they sent or no one picked up the calls they made. In some cases, where PureKana employees did contact the buyers, their problems were not addressed properly.

  • Quality of products is questionable

This consumer received expired products. The customer care people did not respond and he never received the refund. If you follow up on this thread that PureKana has responded to the complaint saying that it has refunded the company, but the buyer still claims that they are misleading the public.

Another user on the same thread complained that he received a broken bottle in a smashed box in the mail – and didn’t receive the money back.

Still another user ordered an orange-flavored vape pen from PureKana. After one week, the company said it was out of stock and asked the user to opt for an alternative. After another week, they informed the user that the orange flavor was back in stock and asked if he would like to have it. After one more week, they promised a 300mg bottle of CBD oil for free as an apology. Ultimately, the user only received the ‘free’ bottle in the mail while the vape pen was still ‘missing’.

It seems that PureKana still needs a long way to go when it comes to satisfy its customers and increase its customer base. Its CBD products might be good. But, if they can’t reach the customers on time, they are useless for the end-users.

The company also needs to pay more attention to its customer service and keep its promises.

What’s The Best Alternative To Purekana?

WTP Hemp or We The People (WTP) Hemp promises CBD oils that give you all the benefits without the ‘high’. It does not show up on drug tests and has proven to be effective in:

  • reducing anxiety,
  • fighting against depression and stress,
  • lowering blood sugar levels, and 
  • providing relief in cases of chronic pain and fatigue.

WTPHemp products are scientifically formulated to have a higher CBD absorption rate. It means that their CBD oils, balms, and edibles are more effective in treating insomnia, inflammation, and other ailments.

You can order WTP Hemp oils without a prescription or a visit to the doctor. The legal CBD products offered by this brand can help you experience the medicinal benefits of cannabis wherever you are.

The only problem with WTP Hemp website is that the high demand for its products repletes its stocks too quickly – and its supply doesn’t last long. If you are lucky to find the CBD product you like in stock, your order is shipped to you within 24 hours.

WTPhemp’s CBD oil has active cannabidiol supplement. 

Most CBD companies, including PureKana, sell hemp oils too. The hemp seed oil may contain no (or traces of) CBD. Hence, it does not offer the medical relief that medical-grade CBD oil offers. WTP Hemp offers quality CBD oil extracted from hemp, which contains active cannabinoids. Hence, it is effective in providing pain relief and treating other ailments.

The online website of WTP Hemp is undergoing a massive change to make it more user-friendly. The silver lining here is that the company has a very responsive and efficient customer care system. You can talk to the customer care experts 7 days a week. They can help you with:

  • queries regarding the CBD and hemp products on sale,
  • how to place an order,
  • problems in making payments,
  • discount offers and coupon codes,
  • status of the delivery of the order,
  • warranties and guarantees,
  • their money back policies, and
  • refund, if required.

They are completely transparent in all their dealings. The reason most people prefer WTP Hemp over PureKana is that the former believes in keeping its promises. Experienced customers in the market suggest that you contact the customer care people first and then decide whether you want to buy CBD oil from the company or not.

How To Choose The Best CBD Oil For You?

When you choose CBD oil, always opt for full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oils contain a variety of cannabinoids as well as original compounds from the hemp plant. The presence of all these components increases the therapeutic effects of the oil due to the entourage effect.

Some of the full-spectrum CBD oils popular in the market are:

  • CBD-infused oils with a coconut oil base,
  • Organic CBD hemp extract as cannabis oral tinctures,
  • Hemp oil,
  • High-potency hempseed oil,
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract for oral consumption,
  • CBD oils in olive oil, mint, and chocolate flavors

In the USA, the FDA does not regulate CBD oil products. Several labeling inaccuracies have also been noticed in the CBD products sold online in the past.  Hence, its quality has to be controlled at the end of the manufacturer. 

One must ask for the lab results of the CBD products they are buying. It is also a good idea to talk to the customer care expert in detail about:

  • what benefits you are expecting from a product,
  • ingredients on the label and what they mean, and
  • the potency of the CBD oil you should use.

Do not hesitate in asking about any ongoing coupon offers, discount codes, and other deals that the company may be offering right now.

One must also remember that CBD oil is different from CBD oil. Hempseed oil is made from the hemp seeds and may not contain CBD. CBD oil is made from the flowers, buds, stems, and leaves of the Cannabis sativa plant.

Both of them can be taken orally as a supplement or as a food additive. They can also be applied topically. It is believed that CBD oil is more effective as it has active cannabinoids.

What Is The Best Way To Use CBD Oil?

WTP Hemp CBD oil experts suggest the following tips on how to consume the CBD oil for maximum efficacy:

  • Shake the bottle before opening it.
  • Start with a small dose – as prescribed by the manufacturer or your doctor.
  • It is recommended to take the CBD oil doses after every four to six hours.
  • You can increase the number of drops you take or the frequency of the CBD oil consumption with time until you achieve the desired results.
  • Place the CBD oil under your tongue for 30 seconds at least before swallowing it. It will increase the absorption rate of the oil by your body.
  • Make sure you close the cap tightly after every use.
  • Always store CBD oil in a dry and cool place. Direct heat or sunlight can spoil the oil.
  • CBD oil skin care products (like lotions and salves) do not need to be washed off. They get absorbed into the skin on their own.
  • Those who are allergic to coconut oils or other components that may be present in the oil should be cautious about which CBD oil they are choosing for their use.

Experts also warn users against using CBD oil if they:

  • are pregnant,
  • have medical conditions, or
  • take medications.

CBD oil may interact with certain medications. You should also avoid taking it with grapefruit as the two may interact with each other. 

It may take 30 to 90 minutes for the CBD oil to show its effects. It might take several weeks for the CBD oils to show long-term results. If you are interested in knowing more about a CBD product, call now at (877) 432-6262.

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