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Competitive Comparison Battle Of The Brands: WTP Hemp Vs. Lazarus CBD Naturals

Not a lot of people are aware of the benefits of introducing CBD in their daily life. Thankfully, with every passing year, awareness is only increasing. People are no more viewing CBD as a “prohibited“ element. It has become so much more than that. Lazarus CBD Naturals.

At the moment, the entire cannabis industry is being valued at $13.7 billion. Even though this number is impressive, it becomes even more impactful for a specific reason. The reason is the fact that there are usually many limitations placed on the chemical. But, cannabis has still managed to overcome it.

What is even more impressive is the estimated growth in the industry. Yes, as per experts, the cannabis industry will be valued at $66.3 billion. In addition to this, the predicted growth is supposed to take place by the year 2025. Surely you can imagine the demand that cannabis and its derivatives are enjoying at the moment!

The increase in the demand for CBD has not gone unnoticed by the different brands. Acting like true businessmen, many people have decided to try their hands in CBD.

There are many see very bands (for example Diamond CBDCBD Dispensary, Nature Best CBD, Fresh Farms CBD, CBD Drip) who are operating in the industry. Every brand has introduced its own set of products. While a wide range of products is decided this for buyers. But, it can also be an intimidating task to select the correct product from the correct brand.

To make things easier for you, we are going to discuss the ideologies of two renowned CBD brands. The brands that we are going to pit against each other are:

WTP Hemp and Lazarus CBD Naturals. So, let the battle begin!

An introduction To The CBD Chemical: What Makes This Chemical Cannabinoid So Special?

An introduction To The CBD Chemical: What Makes This Chemical Cannabinoid So Special?

The CBD chemical stands for Cannabidiol. It is a naturally-occurring chemical that is found growing in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Since it is a Cannabis derivative, a lot of people associate CBD with euphoria. This is not the case in reality though.

The CBD chemical is a non-psychoactive element. In other words, users will not get high when you consume the chemical. This will remain uniform even in cases when you consume a higher amount of CBD. The biggest advantage of CBD is that it can reduce the symptoms of many health issues. That too without the risk of getting intoxicated.

What is CBD Oil?

There is a common misconception where people mistake CBD and CBD oil to be the same. You see, the CBD chemical is the extract that is derived from the Cannabis plant. When the CBD chemical is mixed with a carrier oil, we get CBD oil. This carrier oil can be coconut oil, olive oil, or hemp seed oil. 

As a buyer, the advantage that you have is you get to enjoy the goodness of CBD as well as a carrier oil. This can help to promote the overall well being of your mental and physical health. In fact, even the neurological well-being of the mind can be effectively maintained.

So, why do you get high when you consume cannabis?

You must be wondering why cannabis is linked to euphoria if CBD is not psychoactive. Well, it is the presence of another chemical known as THC which is responsible for this. The cannabis Sativa plant can have about 80 to 200 types of chemical cannabinoids. CBD and THC are just one of those many chemical cannabinoids. But yes, these two chemicals are also the most prominent chemicals.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a psychoactive element of the cannabis plant. This chemical can disturb the consciousness of the user. To be more precise, THC can alter the cognitive functioning of the user along with the brain functions. Cognitive functioning includes mental functions as well as physical movement and coordination.

It is due to these factors why THC is not a legal substance. Having said this, CBD is legal and can be freely used. You only need to ascertain that the total THC traces do not exceed more than 0.3 percent. 

WTP Hemp Vs. Lazarus Naturals: Company Profile And Offered Products

WTP Hemp Vs. Lazarus Naturals: Company Profile And Offered Products

As the title suggests, we will discuss the working of the Lazarus CBD brand. After that discussion, we will follow up by listing the different products created and sold by their respective brands.

Who is WTP Hemp?

WTP Hemp or We The People Hemp is one brand that does not really need an introduction. this is because it has created a name for itself due to the excellent quality of CBD products produced by the company. That too in a short span of time!

The company understands the importance of equality in mother plants. As a result of this, it makes sure that the hemp plants used by it and fully grown in organic and first-grade conditions. Also, every single hemp plant is grown within the United States of America.

The exposure of these mother plants to any chemicals or pesticides is mostly negligible. The same thing reflects in the CBD extracts. This takes the overall quality of the CBD chemical higher up the ladder.

For its CBD oil, WTP Hemp uses the supercritical CO2 nanoemulsion extraction method. Under this method, the CBD oil particles are broken down into tiny droplets. It should be noted that the size of these particles is nearly 4 to 200 times smaller in comparison to that of their rivals. this, in turn, also helps to increase the bioavailability of the CBD extract used by the company.

The products sold by the company and also tested by third-party labs.

Having a buyer-centric business model, WTP Hemp has set up the 24 x 7 helpline for its buyers. If any buyer, potential or existing, have any doubts, it can be cleared via this helpline. To mention is the excellent return policy offered by the brand. If any buyer receives products that have been damaged. Or, isn’t up to his expectations, they can avail of a full refund from the company.

We are sure you can see by WTP Hemp is the first choice of many people.

Products Offered by WTP Hemp:

  1. WTP Hemp CBD Tinctures

Consuming CBD with the help of tinctures is one of the purest ways in which you can use the chemical. There is absolutely no addition of any infiltration of chemicals to the product. If you life something fully organic, this would be just for you.

WTP Hemp itself hails this product as the fastest-absorbing CBD product they have. It is designed in a manner to make the chemicals get absorbed into the blood easily. As a result of this, the relief sensations are also activated within a short span of time.

You will need to use a dropper to place one to three drops of the tincture liquid directly under your tongue. If you want, you can also place the droplets along your gums or inside of your cheek. You see, all these areas that we have just mentioned are rich in capillaries. This makes sure that the product gets dissolved easily in your bloodstream.

You can get a 50 mg of this effective CBD tincture at a price of $74.99. The company also sells bundle offers which may reduce the cost even more.

  1. WTP Hemp CBD Capsules

Most of us have really tight schedules which make us want a hassle-free product. Understanding this very need, WTP Hemp has launched the CBD capsules. 

These capsules are soft gels that can be taken on the go. You get to enjoy the goodness of CBD in tiny, compact sizes. Take just 2 to 3 capsules, and swallow them with water.

A single bottle containing 30 units of soft gel is available at a price of $55.95. Each capsule has a CBD concentration of 50 mg.

  1. WTP Hemp Skin Cream

In recent times, the demand for an external method of CBD intake has become popular. The external CBD intake includes using topicals that have been infused by the CBD chemical.

The creams offered by WTP Hemp is 100% CBD isolate. This means that there are no other cannabinoids other than CBD present in the product. As a result of this, it can be really useful for people who are suffering from pain or inflammation.

To enjoy the anti-inflammatory of CBD, you will only need to directly apply the product to the affected area. The chemical seeps through the skin cells and starts working. Not only will the inflammation in the joints and surrounding tissues reduce. But, the overall intensity of the pain can be actively regulated as well.

WTP Hemp sells creams that have a concentration of 250 mg at a price of $64.99. Every cream container has 4 oz. of product in it.

  1. WTP Hemp Gummy Bears

If you want your children or teenagers to enjoy CBD oil, opting for this product might be the best option for you. CBD gummy bears are just what the name suggests. These are gummy bears that have been infused with the effectiveness of the CBD chemical.

The CBD chemical or CBD oil has a strong taste. With the help of these gummy bears, you can replace the strong taste with the sweet or fruity flavor of candy. You will only need to consume one or three gummy bears to experience the relief effects. In addition to the great taste, you also enjoy a longer shelf period. These products can be stored for about 6 to 10 months.

At a price of $99.95, you can get a 600 mg bottle of this product. There are a total of 30 units of gummy bears are available in every product.

Who is Lazarus Naturals?

There are two reasons by Lazarus Naturals has become famous in the kennels in history. The first reason is the higher quality of CBD oil added to their products. The second reason is the affordable price tag attached to these products.

Another specialty of this CBD brand is the availability of the customer assistance program. With the help of this program, people who are veterans or suffer from any disability can get access to good quality CBD oil. But, this would be without having to pay the usually higher market prices of CBD. This facility extends to even people with lower incomes.

The company uses the internal extraction method to derive its CBD oil. This is also a good method to make sure that the extracted CBD is free from any chemical residue.

You see, the main purpose of Lazarus Naturals is to make available quality CBD products. This is in addition to the fact that the price tag should not be obnoxious like it is usually being kept by brands. Also, they understand how CBD oil can work to improve the symptoms related to health issues.

Lastly, the company is fully transparent with its working. It does not make any false claims and practices good business values. The products used by the company are also organic and tested in third-party labs. The products are also vegan-friendly.

Products offered by Lazarus CBD Naturals:

  1. Lazarus CBD Naturals Tinctures

You can buy these CBD tinctures in the Full Spectrum and CBD Isolates variety. The CBD oil added to the tincture liquid is always of good quality and is mixed with coconut oil for added goodness.

The products are also vegan-friendly and available in three flavors. You can choose from the Tropical and Wintermint flavors. Then, is also the availability of the natural and flavorless tincture. You can add these products to your food or beverages.

The price range for these CBD tinctures lies between $32-$200. Depending on the concentration and potency of the tincture liquid, you will have to pay accordingly.

Pet parents also have good news here. The company has made available tinctures for pets retailing at $12 and $38 respectively.

  1. Lazarus CBD Naturals Isolates

CBD isolates are products that only contain the CBD cannabinoid. There is no other presence of chemicals making it 100 percent pure.

Using this product can be helpful for giving that more boost to your food items or topicals. The company offers two varieties. The first one is the pure CBD isolate. The second one is the isolate that is infused with a Full Spectrum of terpenes. The latter gives more fragrance.

You can add this product to items like edibles, shakes, smoothies, and so on. And yes, you do not need to worry about spoiled texture or taste. Since there are many other flavors available, make sure you select one which would be more suitable to your needs and preferences.

Available for bulk purchase, CBD isolates can be bought at a starting price of $450. With every additional gram, the price becomes even cheaper.

  1. Lazarus CBD Naturals CBD Capsules

Just like the capsules mentioned in the case of WTP Hemp. Lazarus CBD Naturals are also offering more or less the same product.

Available in the amounts of 10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, and 500 mg, there are options for everyone. Created using natural ingredients, the product also has an affordable price tag. These capsules are vegan-friendly to which organic terpenes are added.

The terpene profile consists of beta-caryophyllene, d-limonene, and myrcene. The price range of these capsules starts from six dollars and goes up to $50. The price will differ depending on the concentration as well as the size.

  1. Lazarus CBD Naturals Rick Simpson Oil

The Rick Simpson oil formula is offered by only a select few CBD brands. Lazarus CBD Naturals have been one of them. This particular CBD product is perfect for micro-dosing and comes with a syringe. It is really easy to use and experience the benefits of the oil.

Lazarus CBD Naturals combines together Full Spectrum CBD extracts with CBD isolate to give rise to this product. This helps to magnify the overall efficiency and potency of the chemical. You will have to pay $40 to $180 for buying the Rick Simpson oil along with the syringe.

So, What Should You Choose, WTP Hemp Or Lazarus Naturals?

So, What Should You Choose, WTP Hemp Or Lazarus CBD Naturals?

As you must have realized, both the CBD brands are efficient and reputable. They specialize in selling higher-quality CBD products that can be useful for the buyer. Not only are the products reasonably priced. But, there is also a wide product range to suit the needs of the buyers.

Before you select a CBD brand, you have to take into account a lot of factors. The first one is the extraction method used by the company. The fact that WTP Hemp uses the CO2 method makes it very effective. Even the ethanol extraction method used by Lazarus CBD Naturals is quite effective.

The second factor is the return policy of the company. Again, WTP Hemp will offer a full refund to any dissatisfied customer. On the other hand, Lazarus CBD Naturals does not have any money-back guarantee for its products. In other words, products that have been opened once cannot be returned to the company.

In the end, the choice is most certainly a bit tough. But if we consider the return policy, WTP Hemp would become more preferable, for sure.

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